These works are a tribute to the different identities of my life. A narrative with the typical energy and dynamics of a contemporary artist born in Africa. I try to represent a feminine daily life with sensual surroundings linked to the exoticism and magic of the African world through symbols, textures and colors. The unforeseeable interest, the magic in the unstable and simultaneously in the repetition. I try to discover the identity of each represented soul that, at the end of the dialogue will become mine.

Eva Tomé is a woman with African origins, born in São Tomé and Príncipe (STP).
An artist that balances between the world of fashion and the abstract, figurative and expressionist art marked by her life.
She was raised in Africa and Portugal and formed in styling and modeling in Denmark.
She worked in the textile industry with the stylist José Carlos and for the danish fashion brand Bitte Kay Rand, culminating after several years in the creation of her own clothing brand Contemporânea and opening of a store in Oporto in 2010.
In parallel, Eva obtained training in painting, by attending the Fine Arts course of “Oil painting” with the painter Joaquim Durão and “Drawing and Painting” with professor Paulo Renato in OPorto. In 2007 she opened her own gallery Atelier de Arte 22 in Oporto, exhibiting since then in several countries (Portugal, Macau, São Tomé, Denmark).
More recently in 2017 she represented STP in the exhibition “28 artists + 28 works in the feminine” in Macau and in July participated in a collective exhibition of the artists of Gaia inserted in the 2nd Biennial of Gaia. In March 2018 she represented STP at the first Biennale of women artists in Macao and at the exhibition “Art and Women’s Day” at the Alentejo house. In June 2018, she made an individual exhibition in STP entitled “Women of My Earth” at CACAU-House of Arts Creation Environment Utopias.

The art of Eva Tomé is marked by the honesty that is a result of her behavior against the obstacles. The form and the color are a reflection on the experience in the textile area and the fashion. The taste for different textures, and the unusual harmonies created her work. For Eva, art is the daughter of her own time and mother of her own feelings.